The Ring Nest

November 19th, 2008 by admin

When I look at beautiful pictures of ring pillows I think that would be perfect for the wedding. I love the textures of velvet and lace, the pillows look so soft and elegant. The pillow I picture is similar to the photo in my last entry. I wanted one of the these luscious babies. For a short period of time I would keep and eye out for one. Then I was thinking about making one, then I decided not to. I don’t know how to sew, and in junior high all the girls took the sewing class and made pillows, and looking back now I wish I took that class! I was what thirteen? How would I know that would have been helpful in my future? Too bad, it would have been an awesome skill to have right about now. I am sure if I tried to make one now my pillow would look like poop. 

So no I am not making a pillow. Instead I am making a birds nest. The ring nest is by no means original and they are done by brides all over looking to have a ring pillow alternative. So after seeing the ring nest on blogs and in magazines I ventured out for supplies. You can buy them fully made online but they are so over priced online or used as favors. I used some of my own ribbon and accents for the nest but thank you Michaels for supplying moss and a twig nest at a total cost of  a little over seven dollars. 

Inspiration Nest #1 



Inspiration Nest #2

I don’t know where I found this little nest but it is super adorable.

My nest so far… looks kind of oval in this picture.


I am not completely done yet, got to get some fake little rings and finish the bow but other then that, I like it on the simple side. My puggy Oliver says HI, he is so ready for a nap in this pic.

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  1. JD says:

    Oh! Care to share how you made this? It looks super cute!

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