Hello Again! Long Time No Post

September 9th, 2010 by admin

Hello there, I have taken a hiatus on my posting here on this blog. At this moment I have three blogs going, Pretty Canvas here, Foodimob.com my food blog and BrentandVictoria.com about our married life together. Definitely stop by at any of the blogs, but I do want to say I will keep posting things here on occasion. Believe me it is hard since I have decided to go back to school and taking way too many classes! I do have to say I love blogging, and Pretty Canvas has definitely been one that holds many fond memories of my wedding and honeymoon. Plus my hubby looked at the analytics of the site and this site gets the most hits ever! Whoa, threw me for a loop, that kills any thought of closing this site, so I feel I should post every once in a while. If something somewhere on this blog can help some one researching for something, there is no reason it should be taken away from them.

For those planning their wedding, it is stressful, but it is a very special time in your life. Your going to have difficult vendors, or the end result with some of them may not be exactly what you thought it would be, and that is just how it goes. On that same note, other things about your wedding day will be so much more then you thought they could ever be, so don’t just focus on the negative!

If your travelling or looking for something about food in Barcelona, please ask. I love that place and would go back in a second!

I leave you with a recent pic of my little pug Oliver who brightens my day everyday, almost as much as my husband does! :)

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