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January 7th, 2010 by admin

So about 6 months after the wedding Brent and I finally finished our wedding album. The fact that we had the deadline of Christmas was a major help since we gave our albums as part of our Christmas gifts this year. We gave albums to my in laws, my dad and my grandma. We decided to wait to order our own, we were going to wait for a new coupon or something since we weren’t in any rush to have a book for ourselves. More on that in a bit.

We bought our book through Blurb which we had also used for our engagement photo guest book. We were really happy with everything. We uploaded the most up to date blurb booksmart program and went to work. In a few days, doing a couple hours a day the book as done. We go to upload and our book wouldn’t upload, our internet connection router thing was having issues so luckily after about 12 hours of trying to upload our book and then uploading the images which if the internet connection also dropped we had to start over from the beginning and two trips to Best Buy, it was uploaded. It was a big headache and since we waited to the last minute, literally the last day to get the books before Christmas, and to get to use our free shipping coupon. In the end we got it uploaded 15 minutes before midnight 4 days before Christmas.

Anyway we realized that free shipping was actually only up to 15 bucks and our shipping was close to 90 bucks. Well its something right? We got the books sent to the in laws since we wanted to make sure we had their book for Christmas. Three days later on Christmas Eve we check out the books and they looked great, until we opened the first one!

We opened it up flipped through it and after our book ended, another one started. Another wedding was attached to my wedding album! What?! I was shocked, what is that about? There was a page bright orange and teal that said proof copy on it. I guess that is where a new book starts and all the books are supposed to be checked and the page removed, but this one was not. Blurb didn’t proof my album. Blame it on the fact that they are busy since they had a coupon out and it was close to the holiday deadline. ¬†Also my Sunday deadline was before their absolute last deadline which was until Tuesday, anyway that is no excuse. When a 178 page photo book that costs 108 bucks, and I am ordering 3, I expect someone to flip through it to check for this kind of thing. After our not so great discovery husband went into swift action and started to send an email to Blurb about the issue.

The other books seemed good to go but I wanted to make sure the book was still sealed in plastic before I wrapped it and sent them off. So instead of breaking them open we looked at the thickness and how the ink was on the side and we realized the book with the extra pages was significantly thicker and we could see where our book ended so we knew those were fine. Anyway they messed up on one of them with this extra book attached to my wedding album…it was pretty hilarious. We figured it out after we sent our complaint email and were able to laugh at the situation, it was a photographers wedding portfolio. I should say amateur and it was so bad! There were really low resolution photos and the photography was pretty low caliber. Not to mention some of the styles of the weddings were pretty yucky. All I have to say if your going to have Halloween colors for your wedding go all out with the theme, not just shiny orange vests for the guys and a orange bouquet for the bride. Ugh I sound so mean, but maybe if the photos were better I wouldn’t talk so much crap.

Anyway, Blurb responded right away and was cool about it and sent us another book, but without emailing us about it. We had to go online and check the status of our previous orders to see that they were sending us another. Hello an email would have been cool since we had our books sent to our in laws who we don’t plan to see for months. Anyway a replacement book was the least they could do and we told them exactly that and while a new book was nice that is the really the minimum that they could do, while they fix the mistake I don’t know if I would use them again because all they did was send another book. We told them this and they sent us another coupon for shipping up to 15 bucks and a coupon for future purchase. Well it’s better then nothing right? And it shows that they would try to smooth things out rather then just sending another book out.

Anyway enough of my rant, the books that didn’t have tacky wedding photos at the end of them turned out beautifully. We plan to just cut out the bad pages of the tacky wedding portfolio and boom there is our wedding album that we were going to buy at a later date. And I am assuming we always have a coupon for our next blurb book. Anyway, finally some pics of the album, sorry for some of the bad lighting in some of the pics, my silly flash was blowing out the photos.

The Front


The Back












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