Thanksgiving and Christmas

December 30th, 2009 by admin

Thanksgiving and Christmas were filled with yummy foods, family and friends. I ate way too much, and spent a lot of time driving. Driving up to El Dorado Hills to see the in laws and around the bay to see friends and family. I did not have any left overs at home from three Thanksgiving dinners I had, and believe me I did not miss them.By the end of Thanksgiving week I was so over turkey and gravy. Christmas came and we got to grub on some delicious crab cioppino, got some great gifts, wines, a cook book, some left over registry items and a roomba vacuum! Yay, I might win the ¬†battle of me against the pet hair! (Pugs shed like crazy). Anyway one thing I found this year that is going to be a tradition as long as I can find them is the chocolate panettone’s at Cost Plus World Market, oh my they are delicious!!



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