Bye Bye 2009!

December 30th, 2009 by admin

As the change from 9 to 10 is upon me, I don’t really have any goals for the new year. I am loving my life right now so I am not hoping for some huge life changes this year, so I guess I am not too excited about the new year. A change in my writing of the years is all I really have to keep in mind I think. I’m not sure is that depressing? Maybe instead of wondering what resolutions I am going to try to force on my life in the new year I can look back at the highlights of ’09 instead. I got married, travelled to Barcelona for my honeymoon. We are slowly getting our home in order, new dining set, new flat screen led tv, above a new fireplace mantle, (yay for a handy husband), went back to school to start a new career, made great memories with my friends and family. My best friend is expecting her first child! That is super exciting! What more can a girl ask for right? I’m good right now, so next year I can make a resolution for another great year!

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