October to November

November 5th, 2009 by admin

Jeez! I cannot even believe October is gone already and Nov. is here. Not to mention I turned 29 this week, ouch! The great things that happened in October, my friend Sara got married in Livermore California at Murrietta’s Well. And I was a bridesmaid too.  Here is a lovely pic of her and I.


The month zoomed by so fast, and then it was Halloween! As a costume,I decided on a harujuku girl called gothic lolita, I know sounds really nice right, think, little bo peep/ school girl/ french maid/ goth!!


Then I turned 29, I had a delicious dinner at my brothers sushi restaurant with my closest friends the day before my bday.




Then a casual Thai food dinner with the hubs on my actual bday, next up  a day out in the city filled with art and yummy food, two of my favorite things!

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