Mime Hate

October 14th, 2009 by admin


So I was thinking about what to be for Halloween. I don’t have plans and doubt I am going to do anything so I hadn’t given it any thought until my best friend told me she was planning a back up costume just in case something fun comes up for Halloween. Hmm, so I thought well maybe I should too, just in case I am not stuck wearing last years barbarian woman costume. Anyway I thought for a short period of time and decided, I am going to be a mime for Halloween. I googled it really quick and I enjoy face paint and black and white stripes are always cool. I emailed the husband about my idea and he emails me back, people hate mimes, but that would be funny if you dressed up like one! Huh? What people hate mimes? I faintly recall something about mimes on tv, mimes in jail or being yelled at on the street in Paris or something. Mimes are not clowns though and people hate clowns. Am I the only one that did not know that people out there hate on mimes?

So then I searched, “hate mimes” and I got some interesting results. I encourage you to check them out, I like the killing of mimes would be called mimecide, and they hate their wordless sarcasm. Please check out these sites, they are pretty funny.




I am kind of bummed out now, I don’t want to get beat up on Halloween because of mime hate.

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  1. mdtimbang says:

    i didn’t get to see your barbarian costume last year. i bet it’s hot! in case you are looking for something to do, my friends are throwing a huge party in the city. dan and i took the photos for the flyer. check it out: http://sillycil.com/news.html

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