Spain: Food Part 3

October 5th, 2009 by admin

This is my last post on honeymoon food. Let me just say, Barcelona has the best food I have ever had on a vacation. I mean I love it. It is so good and I know that I barely just got a taste of all the food that Barcelona has to offer. I mean seriously with all the hype out there about Spain and it’s top notch cuisine, bla bla… I have to say I am pretty sure it is all true.


This is a tapas bar near El Xampanet near the Picasso Museum we came here twice I think or maybe three times! It was indeed our favorite!


So this is still Euskal Etxea and it was the tapas experience we were looking for.  This place gets packed with locals and has a dining room that no one eats in! Why go sit down and pick what you want when you can get it all yourself, as much as you want! You go up ask for a plate, order your drink either a beer or txacoli and start eating! Couples usually share a plate too, I think it is to save counter room. Lots of locals totally willing to teach you what is inside everything as well. The weirdest thing I had was conch with a blueberry jam on top of bread yeah kind of weird but still tasty, really! When your done eating you hand in your plate, they count your toothpicks and you pay your bill about 1.50 euro per tapa. It kind of sucks though when there are 8 people trying to pay at one time. Also I failed to mention not only to they have tapas on the counter they have hot tapas that are taken around the bar by a waiter and you will know you are going to eat one. They range from fried mussels to cheese wrapped in bacon and then fried, yep delicious. They go so fast so you have to get one or else you will get really sad watching other people eat them!



Yep that is what it looks like, cheese wrapped in bacon and then fried, it was so delicious!


This is from our last nice dinner in Barcelona, we ate at the oldest taverna in barceloneta, this shows some pan con tomate, pulp de gallega which is a yummy grille octopus dish, it was really good, and some really good jamon we splurged on.


I know this looks kind of boring but it was really delicious and simple. It is fish cooked in salt, They bring out a huge steaming plate that has a mountain of white stuff on it and a little fish buried underneath it somewhere, they show it to you briefly and they walk away. They cut up the fish and serve it to you. Simple you eat it wish olive oil and vinegar! It was really good and tender, but then I tasted my husband dish and just about died it was so good but also pretty rich so I was glad we got to split our plates and get a nice balance.


Brent got bacalao in romesco. Uhhhh soo good! Then we decided on dessert, Brent got an irish coffee which were on a lot of dessert menus for some reason and I got a crema catalana and strawberry dessert thing with filo. Best dessert on the trip besides the gelato.



This tapas bar  was called Taller de Tapas, a chain tapas bar that are all over Barcelona. The chain aspect of this place kind of turned us off but it came highly recommended by our flight attendant as a beginners guide to tapas and because it was busy when we walked by the Gothic quarter. Our waiter was really cool he wanted to go to California to live because he was tired of Barcelona and wanted to travel the world some more since he was from Italy, what a life. Anyway we got our jamon on and we got some croquettes which I didn’t get on camera, really good fried potato, cheese and jamon balls basically. Some more pan con tomate and a garbanzo bean, bacon and spinach salad. Weird that it was called a salad but it was so good and warm, and the bacon was thick and crispy.

This photo is from one of the restaurants by the beach, this is my first paella with lobster and it was good, but afterwards after having eaten more paella I realized this was not the best place for paella in my opinion unfortunately, to each their own though, I like it when I ate it though since I had nothing to compare it to.

3627398048_120d1171acThis was also where we got to taste crema catalana for the first time and the padron peppers that my husband became addicted to. This pepper single handedly sealed our next trip to Spain, it may not be any time soon but I know I will be going back someday!



This was taken at El Xampanyet. The food we got was recommended from the owner guy who was on Passport to Europe he was really really sweet and offered us each a plate one from the land and one from the sea. Well sort of, the sun dried tomatoes with the bacalao is obviously not from the sea but a plate with fish and a plate with jamon, delicious and simple and went great with the house Xampanyet, which is not champagne but that is another post.

Here is a picture of one of our Italian dinner that we had when we got tired of Spanish food, yeah I know crazy but it did happen! We got a huge calzone, I mean crazy big. We also ordered some breaded and fried mozzerella which we thought would be breaded fried cheese but was a breaded and fried cheese sandwich, we were kind of confused but ate a little bit of it anyway. The calzone was huge and we could not even think about eating it.


Anyway that is it for the food well mostly I am sure I will have a few more food pics to share. Here is the delicious gelato from the shop around the corner from our apartment.


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