Spain: Food Part 2

September 25th, 2009 by admin

This is part two of food eaten on my honeymoon in Barcelona Spain.


A lot of restaurants will give you a little plate of dried meats. Here is what we got at Paco Alcalde one of my favorite restaurants in Spain. This restaurant was conveniently one block from our apartment and we ate here again before we left. They had a great pre fixe menu for a great price so we took full advantage of it and it was a great way to try new things!


This was husbands first course of his pre fixe menu. Scampi. He said they were delicious, I think I had a bite and it was good, but a lot of work to get the meat out.

This was my first course a bouillabaisse, a light fish stew. Oh my gosh it was delicious, as you can see there is a ring of squid, a scampi and a shrimp (gambas). Yes I sucked the juice out of the head, it was really salty. I did this again another time and it was also really salty and weird. Anyway also there are two hunks of fish in the soup light and tasty!


This is an individual paella. It looks like a lot and it is a big portion but you can definitely finish it.  The paella is made really shallow in the dish so you can make smaller servings even in a pan this size.  It was delicious, it tasted like comfort food like it was a moms recipe.


This was my main dish, squid ink fideua. Let me just say anyone who has tried this loves it! Squid ink is a big deal in Spain and can be found in a lot of dishes. You can get paella in squid ink as well which I hear is really good but I was hooked on this so I didn’t end up trying it. I know it looks scary but believe me it is yummy!


To describe the squid ink fideua, the taste it is like a rich alfredo, lots of garlic, kind of oily, a little lemony with little bits of tomato and chopped calamari inside. And the large hung of moist monkfish on top went so well with it. I actually had this another time and it because it is rich I got sick on it. Sorry to say that throwing up black stuff for hours was not the highlight of my honeymoon.


Sorry if your not too tired of seeing my husbands face but I had to put this one up. A lot of restaurants give you a little after dinner cordial and this one was my favorite. Melon liquer shots slightly chilled. So delicious! Again kind of hard to handle after a three course meal, a bottle of wine and coffee. I don’t know how the people in Barcelona do it. But Paco Alcalde was indeed my favorite. The day I go back to Barcelona I am going back to this cute family owned restaurant, the servers were so helpful, the food was good and priced well for locals I am assuming since I could walk one tiny block up to the beach and pay double for the same items. I heart you Paco Alcalde!

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