Spain:Food Part 1

September 24th, 2009 by admin

Back to the honeymoon posts. So anyone that saw my pictures from Barcelona saw lots of food, most of the pictures were actually food. I mean the food was crazy good so of course I am going to take pictures of it. The only other kind of food we had besides Spanish food was Italian food. We ate at two Italian restaurants in Barcelona when we wanted to take a break from the usual Spanish fare and they were also delicious.


Delicious fruit bowl from the boqueria, was only 1 euro.


This is of white anchovies and olives, so delicious, probably the best thing we had at this tapas restuarant.


This is a mixed plate of marinated vegetables which was out of control delicious! The little pepper to the left was stuffed with tuna but wasn’t fishy, I found that a lot of the tuna or fish in general was not fishy at all.


This is Spanish chorizo and a hunk of crusty bread. Rich, greasy, delicious, and gave me heartburn.


This is patatas bravas without the tomato sauce so I am thinking patatas aoili. The white stuff is garlic mayo, it sounded good while we were ordering it is just french fries with garlic mayo, two bites were enough for me. I know in Europe they love their mayo.


This was the last lunch we had in Barcelona at one of our favorite restaurants. It was a tomato, olive, anchovy, pickled asparagus and cheese salad with olive oil and vinegar. It was amazing. The little cheese that came with the meal was a soft fresh cheese and the the heirloom tomatoes were so good. The last two days we were in Barcelona the weather started to get really warm so this salad was so refreshing.


This is pan con tomate. Just some good rustic bread toasted with garlic and fresh tomato pulp rubbed on top. Usually this is free in everywhere, but some places did charge something small like 1.5o euro. But it was so good, throw some jamon on there or olive oil and salt, so delicious! We brought stuff to make this at our apartment and it was a great snack.


This was our first recommended appetizer by our waiter in barceloneta it was called something like fritto mixti or something. It is fried calamari rings, I think the big round calamari’s are called something like Roman style. Then the chipirones were the little squid fried till they tasted like potato chips no joke, like Lay’s potato chips! Then the padron peppers! This was our first taste of salty peppery goodness and from this point on husband was hooked on these. The last thing on this plate were little fishes fried whole. You can barely see them in this pic they are grey and when you eat them you eat them all. I tried a few and left the heads on the plate, I just could not eat the heads thank you very much. Anyway this was a great dish served only with some lemon and I saw many of these plates on the tables of people dining around us. When the dish got to our table I was thinking where is my marinara sauce? Where is the ranch! HA! I didn’t see any of that around any Spanish table.


I’m going to end this post with this plate of olives. On the first day of our honeymoon while we were so jetlagged we sat down to the first restaurant that caught our eye, and they gave us this free plate of olives. Oh my gosh as soon as we ate one our taste buds were so happy. These olives were so delicious that every olive I had for the next 12 days were compared to these olives. I tried to find them at the boqueria too and I failed. Seriously the best olives ever.

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