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Here are some pictures of some of the details in the wedding. Some were overlooked, some I did not even get a picture of! I had a just married sign on the back of the sweetheart table chairs and no one got a picture of it, so sad. I did not even take a pic when I diyed the sign so really there goes all that hard work down the drain! I have no documentation! Which makes me think of a bit of advice a friend told me. Certain things nobody notices except for you. Dont stress over the small stuff because most people don’t notice or care. Yep, so true. Not everyone looks at wedding blogs or appreciates the little things, or they are drunk already.



Our Korean wedding ducks and our personal appetizer plate during cocktail hour





A close up of the bridesmaids bouquets with their charm initials tied to the handle. Then a  close up of my bouquet, peonies, curly willow, garden roses, vendela roses, and calla lilies and the green stuff that I cannot remember what they are called.






One thing that was also a bummer was the wind. The wind stopped my coordinator from setting up my place cards on the tables so the photographer did not get any shots of my wine cork name holders. I only have the shots from friends and a lot of other pics from groomsman Mike-thank you!!  Also the wind made all the people on the outside areas of the tent pretty chilly, even me and I survived.

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  1. mdtimbang says:

    cool….i’m glad i took those pictures. i thought my only purpose that day was to look sexy.

  2. admin says:

    Seriously all the pics you took made me super happy. Your a lot more then a pretty face!!

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