Getting Ready

June 22nd, 2009 by admin

My maid of honors decided to stay with me the night before the wedding. Their room was next to mine but they did not want me sleeping by myself, to ensure I would get some good sleep. A brides mind can wander and worry about details for hours at a time! We woke up around 7 ish, made some coffee and waited for the hair and make up artist to arrive. The girls and my bridesman started to arrive and before I knew it my day was happening already. My brother and his wife hung out with us too, with my nephews providing some comedy relief and amusement through out the day.

While we got ready the guys were at Cornerstone putting up the lanterns in the barn.

While I was getting my make up done the photographer arrived and then I realized this thing was really happening! I was relatively calm throughout the day, I was just in my head a lot, thinking about everything, not so much visually freaking out about anything, but definitely tense. I realized I had friends and family to keep my sane throughout all the hustle and bustle that was happening. I was so thankful for the bigger bungalow at this time there were just so many people running around it was insanity.

My nephew was one of those stress relievers, how could I be stressed with him hanging around me? The girls got ready and then it was time for me to put on the dress, we were running a little behind schedule so we had to go!

*Last image by Travis Hoehne, all other images by myself or friends and family.


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