The Rehearsal

June 18th, 2009 by admin

We finally made it out to Sonoma and checked into our hotel. I met up with my brother who was in the same hotel as us, Bungalows 313. Bungalows is so close to the square but still feels secluded and they have lots of parking on the street. Our room was a decent size nothing too big, I went over to check out my brothers room and saw that there room was bigger and two story, they were bummed that the room was two story since they have two small kids and they would have to sleep on two different levels with my brother sleeping on the fold out on the ground floor. I let them know that our room was smaller and one level so we switched.

My brother, sis in law and my nephews

We then unloaded our car and I met up with my moh’s and their hubby’s and chatted about the day and the area and they went to explore the Sonoma Plaza. We got ready for the rehearsal and made our way to the wedding venue. It was cool to see everyone in one place and I went over details with my coordinator. My parents were a nice 45 minutes late because they got lost and so we started the rehearsal without them. Anyway my officiant made it to the rehearsal and Brent and I really like him. He was seriously like a friend and his presence made our rehearsal actually feel like a preparation for marriage and not just a stressful run through that was like a blur. I actually got to stop and be present for a short period of time when my mind was going 100 miles per hour. Our wedding was my officiants last wedding since he was moving to Mexico and going to continue writing books with his wife. Sounds nice right!

After the rehearsal at Cornerstone we made our way back to the hotel and freshened up and got our gifts for the groomsmen, parents and kids all ready and walked over to El Dorado Kitchen to enjoy dinner hosted by Brents parents. I finally felt relaxed. We mingled and had some yummy peach maritnis and lots of different yummy beverages and appetizers. I highly recommend El Dorado Kitchen for a rehearsal dinner they were fabulous with their service, quality of food and you cannot beat the location. Oh and their truffle fries are awesome.

Me apparently having way too much fun giving out gifts

We sat down for a super yummy dinner that was so much better then what I expected. Brent thanked everyone as we handed out our gifts. We got our moms swarovski necklace and earring sets, Brents dad got 2 bottles of really good wine in a wine and cheese tote, my dad got a chris and david gift basket, and my nephews (one who is the ring bearer) got goodie bags full of toys. My sister in law from Hawaii also brought goodies for some of the family, coffee and chocolates, so we handed out those at that time too.  We mingled till it was time to move on to Murphy’s Irish Pub. By that time I was so pooped and I did not even have one beer. Leaving most of our bridal party at the pub, Brent and I went back to the hotel so he got his stuff and we said our goodbyes.

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