The Invites Are Sent!

April 4th, 2009 by admin

Yes, I sent out my invites last week and thank god it is over. I am so glad that big diy challenge is over. Whew! I act like I made them all but I so didn’t, my soon to be hubs did and I am so glad. I am very lucky that I can count on the skills of my fiance but at the same time it is a something we feel we have to do and not have anyone else do it. A little more of a personal touch or something. He got a design degree and started to get his masters in design so he easily has the skill to make them. It was just being committed to making them and getting the ball rolling. Especially since the invites I had in my mind were not very complex. So the invites got done and sent out a couple days later then I would have liked but I got over it. I explained what I wanted, showed my fiance what I was inspired by and we made it happen. With a few revisions and discussions and maybe a fight or two (naturally) they got completed. I received my first rsvp cards today in the mail which is exciting, people will attend the wedding for sure! Woo! 

I used some papers from Paper Source a map of Paris and a few other misc. papers as well for my envelope liners but this paper was my favorite. 

These are the other liners I also used. The envelopes I used were kraft paper envelopes. I love the natural look and the texture, as well as the grains within the paper are so random it really adds to the character of the paper. 

Here is our rsvp cards that were kind of a pain to word. Instead of the M next to the line where guests would fill out their names. We literally put Names, and we made sure to fill in how many seats we reserved for these people. I took the advice from a friend and made sure people would not be confused as who was invited to this wedding. The extra printing time was worth it. 

I recommend Paper Source papers for invites. I was a little annoyed that even within a pack of the same paper there was a difference with the weights of the paper. The thickness on one paper would differ from the next. It was annoying but in the end they were thick enough. Also the ink is easy to bleed when the paper is handled too much so that was a big disappointment but oh well I got over it. 

Here is a photo of the accommodation, shuttle and venue info and the whole suite together. We decided on a tri-fold insert and didn’t think a pocket fold was necessary. Plus we were too lazy to do that, so why spend the extra money? One tip about sealing envelopes, I know nobody uses their tongue with this many envelopes these days so I googled what other people do. There were a couple different routes like a damp piece of paper towel, cutting a sponge, etc. I just used a q-tip and a small dish, I used my sushi soy sauce dish with water and dipped and used that to dampen the glue. When I dumped the excess water out it was white like milk. So gross, and I was happy that was not all over my tongue. 

I actually like the stamps on the invites. I at first was not happy, I waited to long to look into stamps. I found a great Love stamp written in flowers that would have been a great little stamp to use with some additional cent stamps that looked dated and nature like. Oh well the stamp gives some color to my kraft envelopes. With all the hours and labor that was put into these invites I hope some people appreciated it. I know most people wouldn’t care and it may be just for our appreciation. It was a lot of fun and it was rewarding. As with all diy stuff if you procrastinate and don’t give yourself enough time to get it done, it defeats the purpose. It defeats the purpose because your end product is going to end up not being worth it because it is gonna be a piece of crap. In my opinion. If you can’t put the time, thought and effort your gonna hate it, and why would you do something yourself if it is gonna suck? Just pay for someone else to do it. Enough of my ranting. I didn’t realize how much I cared for my invites until I had to let them go at the post office and I almost had an anxiety attack. I thought for sure something was going to happen to them. I am so glad I am done with my invites! 



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