Can Holing for Candles?

March 30th, 2009 by admin

A couple weekends ago my awesome bridal party got together and poked holes in approx. 50 cans. I am using these for candles for the wedding in the barn area. My bridesmaids and my one bridesman collected their cans, filled them with frozen water, came with their hammers and nails and got put to work. 

I am really thankful they all came together for this one since the weather was freezing that day and they had to deal with ice and cold water for about two hours on a saturday afternoon. We also had a keg, I guess someone somewhere had an extra laying around and let my friends have it for free. Nice. Do not worry, no accidents of drunken hammering occured. I hope my can candles turn out cute. 

I have a couple tips for those who ever think about doing this can candle thing. Fill the water almost to the top of the can. You can only punch holes in the parts of the can that have ice behind them or it becomes really difficult to punch the holes. The ice will melt and then your hole punching area on the can becomes limited, something simple turns into something irritating. Make sure you have, nails, hammer, towel and your frozen cans. Extra tip, the glue that can be a pain to remove from the labels on the can flakes right off when the cans are frozen. Makes life easier to get rid of the label goo.

One of my maid of honors found some sort of screw driver spike and used that instead of a nail. 

My last tip is when you freeze the bottom of the cans can become uneven from the ice pushing on the bottoms. To fix this after you have punched your holes, turn the cans over on the ground and gently tap the bottoms of the cans to make them flat and sit evenly on the ground. Be gentle with this since you can hit them too hard they fall in on themselves like crushing a soda can-no good. 

                                Thank you bridesmaids and my bridesman!!! I appreciate you!!



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